Friday, December 01, 2006

Why I'VE Been A Bad Blogger

Dear Friends:

I've been uncommunicative this entire month because of the crazy contest Craig turned me on to: National Novel Writing Month. I didn't win (everyone who finishes a 50,000-word novel in the space of a month "wins"), but I did write over 30,000 words. I wrote enough to fall in love with the story and the main character, so I'm definitely finishing the book. My new goal is to finish it by the end of this school year.

I'll be posting each chapter as I finish it. So far I've posted 8 chapters. I've written more words, but I didn't want to post any of the out-of-sequence stuff. If you'd like to read my progress so far, you'll find a link to my blog in the "links" section (thanks to Amanda) on the right-hand side of this page.

I owe this community a couple of blog posts -- one about the Lobster Boy adventure, and another about the play my drama class is doing in the Spring.

My first Shakespearean production.

Is it Titus Andronicus?

Sadly, no. Reason and good taste must prevail when working with students.

This Spring, Mr. Wilson's drama class will be performing The Tempest.

More about all this later.

Love to you all. It's good to be blogging again.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger educat said...

Can I comment on both Michael and Amanda's posts here? Of course I can, who'd stop me?

My reflex was to post a third post in the "Bad Blogger" series and call it something like, "No, I Am Probably The Worst Blogger But I Want To Change!"

Amanda, your poster is beautiful and how great that your kids came up with the concept. Please show production pics, video, or whatever you can! This is sure to be big fun!

Michael, I have loved following Jasper's adventures (I should actually put this on your writing blog and I might later on, I have more thoughts on him...) and can't wait to hear about the Lobster Boy!

At 1:13 PM, Blogger David Quinn said...

You rock! When do we look for a publisher? (Notice, I've now inserted myself into the process).

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I know it doesn't seem to match my impatient personality, but I'm actually going to wait until I've finished writing this book to approach a young adult fiction agent. It gives me yet reason to stay on-task.


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