Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week One, Again

My school is on trimesters, so we just started a new term this past Monday. Since I teach a one-trimester class, that means I got a whole new group of kids. I’m not entirely sure why, but things are going incredibly well.

We did some tableaus and some small group communication exercises, nothing very complex so far, but the kids are totally into it. They’re silent and attentive during check-in, and seem genuinely interested in what others have to say. I only have to say “quiet please” or “listen up” once for it to happen. When we did tableaus the kids put their all into it, and after the lesson when I talked about how the tableaus are like this class, and that we all contribute to the whole even if it’s just in a small way, there was hushed reverence. Kids are actually walking into class and saying, “What do we get to learn today?”

I swear, I can hear Rod Serling narrating in the back of my head. Next week they’re all going to pull off their masks and reveal they’re aliens or Hitler or something.


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