Monday, December 18, 2006

Lost Sheep Finds Blog

I thought I had forgotten my password and thus, lost forever my ability to post, but inspiration hit while I was watching Amanda's dancing videos. There clearly are good NITS vibes in the air today--I got some of my high school students to do a demonstration of Dibble dancing (the pavanne, the galliard and the country dance from this summer) at the 4th grade Renaissance Feast today. We're in the middle of exams, but my kids actually gave up their break period to dance. Said one kid: "I'm better able to do AP Physics after a good Galliard." Weird. I'm never able to do AP Physics.
After School we've just started working on "Midsummer" which was the seniors' choice for the winter play, but which I'm still trying to find my way toward.

However, we're using a folio text for the production which lead to the following rather brilliant moment:
9th Grade Egeus: "Thou, thou Lysander, thou hast given her rimes--whoa! wait! Is that some kind of STD??

Here's hoping none of you get rimes, but have happy holidays!


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