Friday, August 18, 2006

Dave's List

I've been a bad blogger. Below is the list of short story recommendations that Dave W. gave me a few weeks ago. I promised to post them, and I fully admit I took way too long to do so. My apologies are offered to Dave, and my excuses are on my blog. Without further adieu I give you

Dave's List

Stories (tragedy)

Raymond Carver
"Why Don't You Dance?"
John Cheever
"The Sorrows of Gin"
"A Miscellany of Characters Who Will Not Appear"
Anton Chekhov
Tim O'Brien
"Speaking of Courage" from "The Things They Carried"
Ernest Hemingway
"Soldier's Home"

Enjoy! (Or, given that they're tragic stories, writhe in misery!)



At 10:38 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Dave and all,

Pick up Dan Chaon's collection of short stories, "Among the Missing." Very good & he's my neighbor!



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