Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey guys! I'm getting ready to teach Antigone again (we're using a new textbook and I'm just wanting something new to do...) and I need a way to make the Odes exciting for my students. Anyone have any experience here? What ideas do you use in staging or teaching them? Either will help me immensely!



At 9:51 PM, Blogger Meg said...

Sometimes with choral reading stuff, I used to introduce kids to a bunch of different techniques (additive, subtractive, girls only, boys only, small groups, echoing, individuals, etc.) and let them try out different ones on the same line, then let the class pick what they like. Another technique that sometimes yields cool results is to allow them to join in as they please on words that they find interesting or think might be fun to say.
Some of my classes woul get excited by the idea of using their voices to create an aural effect (yeah, don't say that in a classroom!).
And as for movements--Greek choruses sometimes consisted of a lot of actors making relatively simple gestures or movements, and it was the scale of so many people doing the same move that rendered it exciting. In some ways, we see a similar tradition with Bollywood choreography. (which is as good a reason as any to You Tube some scenes from 'Lagaan.') There was always a kinesthetic kid in my class who could make some movements up for the rest of the class to repeat.
It's been a while since I taught this-I hope some of that is useful to you. Good Luck!

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