Monday, March 16, 2009

My Name is David, and I'm a White VW Convertible

Hi all,

Sending some love to those I love, yet haven't seen in toooooo long.

Was in NYC for a day and a half two weeks ago, and caught OTHELLO at Theatre for New Audiences, the one that the NY Times raved about.

It was well-earned praise, indeed. Still, two weeks later, it is sitting in the all-time position for Shakespeare (and, therefore, productions of Othello) I've seen. Tremendous performances - centered on the text. I was acutely aware of the text in a way that I have never been before, and that surprised me.

Anyway, I got back to Seattle to find a copy of an Othello DVD I'd ordered waiting for me. It is the Summer 2007 Globe Theatre production (starring Eamonn Walker). I watched it and was immediately struck by the audience which, much like the NY production, is all around the stage. In the same frame, you see the actors and - because of their proximity - close-ups of the audience members as well. It's jarring...and beautiful at the same time.

Anyway, I was chatting about it at Seattle Rep, and someone pointed out that Wilson Milam, who had directed the Globe production, was the current director of our production of The Seafarer...and that he was standing 10 feet away from me at the time!

As you've all spent time with me, you know where this is going: I cornered Wilson at the opening and got him to chat away about his choices, his research -- the whole ball of wax. It was awesome!!

Anyway...I'm about halfway through my film unit, heading towards Spring Break and then Othello! It's the second time I'll have taught it since we were together. I'm super excited to make it even BETTER this year.

And, soon, I will think of ALL of you ALL DAY LONG!


At 9:32 AM, Blogger educat said...

When you do think of me David, I do hope it's with a white bedsheet wrapped about my head being all Packer-esque.


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