Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life in Shakespeare Land Keeps Getting Weirder...

Hard to believe, but true: that's me over there far stage right, in the Lecture/Demonstration Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped a World. (can't call it a production or the two Equity actors would be in trouble.) We tour around to middle/high schools with this 45 minute show which combines irreverent facts about Shakespeare's life and times with scenes from a bunch of his plays. That picture is from last year--we have two different cast members with us this year, but I'm mostly playing the same characters. Kevin wrote the show many years ago, but yes- there are a few quick references to Julius Caesar and I often think of our NITS summer while I'm crouching in an uncomfortable position, waiting to cry "Havoc."

I don't think anyone from the area is still checking in here, but if you are, I invite you to come on down to our new theater on March 28th or April 4th at 2:00pm and watch the hi-jinks unfold. I'm also going to be in the children's show on the Rose Footprint this summer, so if anyone is making a pilgrimage to S&Co, please stop by and say Hi. My normal job involves teaching and directing students aged 9-19 in various programs for the S&Co education department--right now the high school kids are working on Troilus and Cressida and Henry the Sixth part 1, the middle schoolers are working on The Tempest, and the 4th and 5th graders are doing Romeo and Juliet. It can be dizzying to switch from play to play every day of the week, but I'm getting the hang of it. Of course, by the time I'm truly on top of the schedule the contract will end, and I'll have to start again with the summer programming.

So here's hoping you all are well (and the recent posts give many reasons to cheer) and enjoying your many projects. I'll be looking forward to hearing Trish's updates on how the new session of the NITS is going in July!


At 4:14 PM, Blogger chitarita said...

You didn't even need to say that - the moment I saw the picture, I thought, "That's Meg! Meg! Oh, I miss her!"


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