Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Has anyone come up with a more graceful name for feeders? Maybe seconds?

Hi. I Need Something Happy.

I've already written about this on my blog so I won't give all the details, but today about 1pm I found out that as of Friday, my last period class of Sophomores will be dissolved and in its place will be a class full of 9th grade repeaters. It's two weeks into school and Every. Kid. There. Will have failed English I.

I almost posted here yesterday to tell about the kid who saw Kevin's picture in my room near one of you all. He asked if he was my husband. :) Then I got my bad news, then I got an email from Amanda, then I got to look at Kim and hear her voice. I'm just kind of a mess right now.

Just please, tell me something good about teaching 9th grade repeaters or give me ideas for them or something. Maybe just a joke about a guy in a hot dog suit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

news about my theatre company

The show my theatre company is doing right now is kinda getting big press and doing really well. Thought I'd share with everyone. If you're in LA between now and the end of August (or first week of September, since we might extend the run), let me know - there's a discount for educators.

LA Times review
LA Times photo spread (they came back after the review to do another article - it's a full page, full color photo spread published on Aug 10)
ExperienceLA review
LA Taco review
Broadway World review
DownTown News review

The show is an LA Times Critic's Choice, and an American Radio Network Critics' Pick of the Year.

Yay, Rogue Artists Ensemble!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thought You Should Know

And by "you" I mean EVERYBODY.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Back to the Rose!

Okay, so it's too much to hope that any of you will be in the area at month's end, but here's the announcement anyway:

August 20th and 22nd, S&Co Young Company performs Henry V along with a compilation piece called Come, Woo Me, Woo Me (which is a whole bunch of wooing scenes from various Comedies and Histories). Jenna and I are the directors. V.I.P. seating (read: very crappy lawn chairs) will be available for all NITS alumni.

The kids are obsessed with dictionary work (they plan picnic outings and bring their dictionaries and scripts) and are very sweet. Jenna and I are having a blast, and the kids survived all of Kevin's fight classes without a single drop of blood spilled--so clearly fortune smiles on us all.

And as I go about my business, I still sometimes find myself reminded fondly of our summer, (most frequently when we are working on the Rose Footprint) and I wish you all the best.