Thursday, April 26, 2007

News You Can Use--Unless You're A Girl

Don't get me wrong, I am female and therefore really won't care (really, I am listening to very sensitive and girly music right now), but when I heard that Rush has a new album coming soon. I've been laughing all night trying to remember the haiku from the guy at the record store in Northampton.

Anyone?? Haiku on chicks not liking Rush??

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

old pics

I was uploading some pictures and came across our pictures from the summer. Many of them made me giggle, but this one was especially good. I believe our students would use the word "gay."

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Visiting JC

Got the chance to visit the site of the JC funeral pyre this past week, during my Spring Break trip to Italy. Thought I'd share these two photos, as I thought of all of you all morning long....

Friday, April 06, 2007

One man in his time plays many parts

The bad news: I didn't get called back for Shakespeare Festival of Dallas. It sucks because they're doing lots of projects with lots of roles, and the three previous times I had auditioned for them I had always been called back.

The good news: A new company is doing a "condensed Shakespeare festival" this summer in Fort Worth. In June they're doing a night of 50-minute versions of Macbeth, Twelfth Night, and R+J, and in July they're mounting a full-length Midsummer.

I auditioned, and was just offered parts in all the shows. I'll be Lennox, Andrew Aguecheek, Capulet, and Snout. No leads, but at least it pays nothing!

Seriously though, I'm very excited about acting for the first time since NITS. And as cool as it would have been to be Spear Carrier #4 for Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, I like the challenge of playing multiple parts in multiple shows, most of them on the same night.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Misplaced modifier humor

Or, "something only English teachers would laugh at."

My mom sent me an Easter card. On the inside, she wrote, "I hope your Easter is a blessed one with the joy of the resurrection of our Savior (also filled with yummy chocolate!)."

I can only assume she meant that Easter is filled with chocolate, and not that Jesus is filled with chocolate. I always pegged him for a nougat man, myself.

The Merchant of Venice

I just saw this production of The Merchant of Venice at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. It was an excellent production set in the 18th century. The costumes and set were gorgeous and I thought the actor playing Shylock was excellent at walking a very fine line between villain and victim. If you think you will be in the Twin Cities area, you should go see it.