Friday, April 06, 2007

One man in his time plays many parts

The bad news: I didn't get called back for Shakespeare Festival of Dallas. It sucks because they're doing lots of projects with lots of roles, and the three previous times I had auditioned for them I had always been called back.

The good news: A new company is doing a "condensed Shakespeare festival" this summer in Fort Worth. In June they're doing a night of 50-minute versions of Macbeth, Twelfth Night, and R+J, and in July they're mounting a full-length Midsummer.

I auditioned, and was just offered parts in all the shows. I'll be Lennox, Andrew Aguecheek, Capulet, and Snout. No leads, but at least it pays nothing!

Seriously though, I'm very excited about acting for the first time since NITS. And as cool as it would have been to be Spear Carrier #4 for Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, I like the challenge of playing multiple parts in multiple shows, most of them on the same night.


At 4:04 PM, Blogger Sandi said...

Hey--I'm really, really happy for you -- and those are some great roles--especially Aguecheek. I an really see you putting a lot of your cynicism into that character. Plus the energy you get when y ou do multiple roles can be quite a kick.

I just finished casting Midsummer myself and it turned into a huge white elephant. We had this enormous cattle call (That was quite a compliment for our little company) and we have a bigger than normal budget so this was the first year that I Did NOT double roles. I even added four extra fairies for the train and the dance numbers (yes there is a jig--we're outdoors, and we've got a lot of flitting around to do!) I just now hired a choreographer out of Atlanta--now it's time to act like I'm not running as scared as I actually am. Also trying to break thorugh a little resistance among my older actors to "feeding in" -- but most seem to like it.

David might be interested to know that my wonderful playwright husband just had a star turn onstage as Sam the Pickleman in Crossing Delancey (complete with yarmulke) where I had the immense joy of watching him make out with a beautiful 23 year old redhead during Act 2. Fortunately, everybody thought she was a bitch offstage.
I thought he was adorable, but then again, I would, wouldn't I?

Break a leg. You'll have the time of your life.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Shakespeare Teacher said...

Hurrah! I'm so happy (and proud) for you.

When is the date of the performances? Our school lets out around June 12 and my husband has been pestering me to take a trip to texas to visit his best friend. I'd love to see the performances.


At 8:24 PM, Blogger educat said...

...and here I was about to wonder aloud if anyone else might plan a trip down to Dallas! Mel, if you (or anyone else) ventures down, I will plan my trip to see the show at the same time.

And this, by the way, is excellent news!


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