Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Starting over

In years past, I would assign a speech, the kids would the speech, the kids would perform the speech, and I'd assign a new one. That was my day-to-day, every year. This year was totally different, and I've got to say, working for a living is tough!

This week marks the end of a trimester for me. While my failure rate is regrettably similar to years past, I did notice that kids were passing almost everything we did in the classroom. Homework and memorization went undone, but classroom participation was up. Not every kid "got it," but some did, and the others saw it happen.

I'm really tired, and Monday I start the whole thing over again. All of you northerers will be facing the same thing soon, what with your fancy quarters and summers at sea and whatnot. So I thought I'm open the floor for discussion: how do we have the same level of enthusiasm and optimism that we had in August? Or, failing that, how do we fake it?


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Emily said...

They're new kids. They haven't done it yet. Find your excitement in their discoveries.


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