Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shakespeare for munchkins

I feel like I should try to be less negative, so I'll follow my negative post with a positive one. Think of it as an open-faced complement sandwich.

One of my night classes absolutely rocks. It's five girls, ranging in age from eight to eleven, and they're all awesome. I've got an eight-year-old dynamo playing Pyramus who's funnier than Kevin Kline. She was initially worried about overacting, but when I told her there was no such thing in Shakespeare, she cut loose.

Last night, during Thisbe's final speech over Pyramus's body, Pyramus kept scratching her nose. Thisbe tried ignoring it for a while, then she snapped. "Why do you keep scratching your nose? You're dead!"

Pyramus sat up and shrugged. "Well, I was thinking about how Pyramus mixes stuff up, like when he says he sees a voice. So I thought maybe Pyramus isn't that smart, so I kept scratching my nose. Like, maybe I forgot I was supposed to be dead or something."

Eight years old, and already smarter than all my high school students.


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