Sunday, October 15, 2006

Are Viola's synapses firing?

Saw 12th Night last night! It was a wonderful production. The concept was 1950's beach party. Annette and Frankie, only Frankie's a girl.... It was fun, a little weird, but overall very enjoyable. The set was very minimalist though really interesting. It was kind of a surreal beach. Large, smooth, undulating wooden planks ran the width of the stage and were built above the stage up stage and slowly worked their way to the actual stage floor the further they progressed down stage.

There were a few moments that really reminded me of Shakespeare Camp: Even though the actress playing Olivia did a wonderful job, I couldn't help missing Christine's lusty rendition. Orsino had a spooky resemblence to Quinn as did Viola to Ariana. As the play progressed, I became more and more aware of a sphere suspended above the stage that would at times be lit and at other times be dark. It was representative of the moon, but all I could think was, "Are Viola's synapses firing?"

Thinking of you all!


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