Monday, September 25, 2006

unique resources

So, it's getting late and I am writing up a pages-long lesson plan in our new district format in order to prepare for an observation this week. We have been struggling with some yucky changes in teacher evaluation. This new lesson novella is required to have pretty much an entire history of thought leading up to 42 minutes of instruction and some sort of quantitative assessment. I have been using all the cleverness I can muster to write up my advanced drama lesson in such a way that honors the students and my real goals, and still answers to what the district obviously wants.
Anyway, there is a section that asks the writer to describe "unique resources (human or material) needed to successfully complete this experience." Of course, I thought of all of you. Without you, my students would not be having this experience at all.
You unique human resources, you.

:) Jessica


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Emily said...

You're brilliant. Did you list all of us? Then you'd have an impressive 30-something unique resources!


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