Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shakespeare Wallah

From the people who brought you Howard's End, The Bostonians,The Remains of the Day, and A Room with a View (and others)...comes Shakespeare Wallah.

wallah • noun Indian or informal a person of a specified kind or having a specified role. — ORIGIN from a Hindi suffix meaning ‘doer’ (commonly taken to mean fellow).

"Director James Ivory's 1965 film tells the story of a struggling English troupe of Shakespearean actors (called Shakespeariana) that goes on tour in India at a time when English influence is on the wane. When the troupe's caravan breaks down, an Indian playboy stops to help, creating drama of, well, Shakespearean proportions. The film explores familiar themes of social displacement (a staple of later Merchant-Ivory movies)." --Internet Movie Database
See the website for a more detailed description of this beautiful and moving film that also includes scenes from Twelfth Night, Macbeth and more.



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